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Our website and the vegan market as a whole is constantly changing, so why not stay in the loop with our news?

In this category you’ll find internal and external company announcements, logistics bulletins, cheerful changes, and more that allow Vegan Wholesaler to run smoothly.

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Header for Honest Toil.

Honest Toil Products • New In

Honest Toil Products • New In Last Update: 27/03/2024 Product: Honest Toil Kalamata Olives PDO • 215g Description: Honest Toil have branched out (pun intended!) from olive oils to the olives themselves. These PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Kalamata olives are expertly prepared by their neighbour Yannis Stathopoulos, and are preserved only in extra virgin olive oil, and salt water […]

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Header for Sgaia.

Sgaia Products • Stock Updates

Sgaia Products • Stock Updates Last Update: 07/03/2024 Product: Sgaia Original Steaks • 200g Status: Out of stock. Reason: Out of stock with supplier due to ingredient delivery delay ETA: 01/05/2024 Stay informed: Sign up to the waiting list by visiting the product page and clicking the green ‘Notify me’ button. Alternative recommendations: Sgaia Smoky Flavour Steaks • 200g

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Header for I Am Nut OK.

I Am Nut OK Products • New In

I Am Nut OK Products • New In Last Update: 13/03/2024 Product: I Am Nut OK Fetamorphosis Block • 140g Description: I Am Nut OK’s Fetamorphosis is a wonderful vegan feta cheese alternative that is fantastically fresh and tangy! With its fun-loving brand and flavours far from bland, we think it’s more daring than dairy! Artisan-made in London with cashews

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Header for Violife.

Violife Products • New In

Violife Products • New In Last Update: 20/02/2024 Product: Violife Viospread Butter Alternative • 200g Description: Violife’s Viospread Butter Alternative is the ultimate tub of deliciously smooth and spreadable plant-based butter. With its wonderfully luscious, velvety mouthfeel and deliciously creamy taste, it is perfect for sweet and savoury recipes. Fortified with vitamin B12, this coconut-based vegan butter alternative is sure

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Header for Better Foodie.

Better Foodie • New In

Better Foodie • New In Last Update: 28/02/2024 Brand: Better Foodie Description: Better Foodie wanted to create a world first – a vegan honey alternative that is the same as bee-honey on a molecular level. Their ground-breaking Vegan H*ney uses some of the same ingredients found in bee-made honey BUT, unlike other honey alternatives, does so without the use of

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Header for Honestly Tasty.

Honestly Tasty • New In

Honestly Tasty • New In Last Update: 12/01/2024 Brand: Honestly Tasty Description: Honestly Tasty was created when founder Mike’s veganism clashed with his love for cheese. After much experimenting, Mike created Veganzola (affectionately known as ‘Blue’), and this, now award-winning, cheese was just the beginning! With a mission “to create delicious plant-based cheese, giving people an alternative to dairy without

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Header for Nutty Artisan Food Co.

Nutty Artisan Food Co • New In

Nutty Artisan Food Co • New In Last Update: 23/10/2023 Brand: Nutty Artisan Food Co Description: Nutty Artisan Food Co’s challenge was always to create plant-based alternatives that really tasted like cheese, and not like plastic! After many failed experiments in the home kitchen, Carol created the prototype of their now iconic and award winning ‘Simply Blue’ – which has

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Header for The Alternative Food

The Alternative Food • New In

The Alternative Food • New In Last Update: 06/10/2023 Brand: The Alternative Food Description: Based in Campodarsego, Italy, The Alternative Food have set out to produce high quality plant-based food that contains no harmful ingredients and tastes great. Free from the most common food allergens, and packed full of naturally derived vegetable proteins, their innovative products are convenient and versatile.

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Header for London Apron Cookies

London Apron Cookies • New In

London Apron Cookies • New In Last Update: 31/08/2023 Product: London Apron Almond Cookie • 35g Description: London Apron’s Almond Cookies are the ultimate indulgence for the health-conscious vegan cookie lover. These cookies are so tasty that you won’t even miss the carbs, or the sugar! Perfect to enjoy at any time of the day, these are the kind of

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Header for Revo Foods

Revo Foods • New In

Revo Foods • New In Last Update: 03/07/2023 Brand: Revo Foods Description: Revo Foods is a FoodTech company based in Austria that mainly focuses on the development and production of high quality fish and seafood alternatives. Their mission is to reduce overfishing practices by offering tasty fish alternatives that are powered by plants and are sustainably made in Europe without

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Luisa & Pedro

Reopening Updates

As you may well know, the warehouse we operated from was damaged by fire on 16th June 2022, and we have been working extremely hard to resume our operations as soon as possible. We will update this blog post regularly with information about our reopening, including possible timetables, as well as new launches and more! Updated: 18/03/2023. First published: 06/02/2023.

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Vegan Whipping Cream by Schlagfix served in a vegan vanilla cheesecake. Blog header image.

Pricing Updates

Pricing Updates Last Update: 01/08/2022 Please note that new and old price lists are available from your downloads section. Changes from 1st September 2022 Past Pricing Changes Brand: Naturli’ Change: increase Brand: Violife Change: increase. Product: Vital Wheat Gluten for Seitan • Sack 25kg Change: increase.

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Vegan MascaRice Mascarpone alternative by MozzaRisella served in a vegan tiramisù. Blog header image.

New Product Launches

New Product Launches Last Update: 11/02/2022 Brand: Plenty Reasons Description: Plenty Reasons launched in 2016 under the brand MeatLess thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, and since then it has grown from strength to strength. Proud to maintain a close relationship with its customers, the business is intent on providing top-quality vegan meat alternatives that are ready to eat and full

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Header for Tofurky Vegan Roast.

Tofurky • Discontinued Brand

Tofurky • Discontinued Brand Last Update: 06/10/2021 Brand: Tofurky Reason: Brand withdrawal from the UK market Alternative recommendations: please see below. Tofurky • Alternative Recommendations Discontinued Product Suggested Replacements Tofurky Roast • With Herb Gravy 765g Terra Vegane Vegan Roast • 750g Sgaia Roast • Garlic & Rosemary 500g Veggyness Vegan Roast • 750g Sgaia Roast • Garlic & Rosemary 1kg

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