About Us

We know how hard it is to:

  • Source high quality, 100% vegan products, all in one place
  • Find a wholesaler who is 100% vegan and understands your needs
  • Get consistent and time effective supply
  • Create a fully vegan foods/drinks menu that is also very tasty for non-vegans

Good news: we exist.
100% vegan wholesaler, Coffee and cheese logo

  Coffee & Cheese is the first and only 100% vegan wholesaler in the UK.
  We started out with only two brands and a bunch of products (8 to be precise).
  Initially, we supplied catering businesses only. We then expanded to serve retailers, following our customers’ requests.
We expanded our portfolio to satisfy our customers’ needs and wishes, mainly focusing on great vegan products that are very hard to find, especially on a wholesale basis and with an efficient delivery service.

Coffee & Cheese has given me access to a fantastic range of vegans products. One of the big benefits to my business is having access to products that aren't available in the UK supermarkets.

Excellent service - the next day delivery is fantastic and means I can very quickly top up stock when it runs low. Pedro is very helpful and quick to respond to queries and genuinely wants to support small independent businesses and help make vegan food more readily available to everyone. It's handy to be able to see real-time stock quantities when ordering. Fantastic selection of big name vegan brands.

As a vegan business, I try to work with vegan suppliers as much as possible. It's great to know that absolutely everything on the Coffee & Cheese website is vegan. It's reassuring to my customers when I can say that products have come from a vegan wholesaler.

There are so many plus points but I'd have to say the biggest benefit is having access to such a wide range of vegan cheeses and meat alternatives - that and next day delivery!

I'd recommend Coffee & Cheese to any small independent business that wants to cater to the growing vegan market because the products are varied, taste great and have proved to be very popular with customers.

Just a huge 'thank you' to Pedro and his team 🙂

Rachel Cox Owner, Little Shop of Vegans

Our Brands

Not any brand will make it to our portfolio. Not any product will either.

First filter? 100% vegan and cruelty-free is a must. This is the bare minimum to get to us try products.
Then? Quality. I’m sure you’ve heard that before, but when we say it, we really mean it.

There are several parametres we take into consideration to decide whether a product will be selected: flavour, texture, moisture, overall experience.
Yes, we are foodies. And a bit picky at times. We feel that if we are happy with the products, chances are you will be too. See to believe!

If unsure about a product or brand, ask us, we have already tried it!

During our selection process, we try, test, discuss, analyse specs sheets, and talk to suppliers to make sure that only the best products make it to our portfolio.

Needless to say, we are proud of our brands!

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Behind Coffee & Cheese

Behind Coffee & Cheese there’s Pedro.
Who’s Pedro?

In nutshell: I’m a vegan coffee guy.

I was happily working at a multinational coffee company, when…
I started questioning whether it was right to compromise my values for a promotion. Mmmhhh!!!

At the time, the next logical step forward in my career required me to sell a range of foods that contained dairy and eggs.

And… a great opportunity arose! What to do? Take it or not take it?
My values or my career? No brainer, right?
In fact, I quit!

vegan barista, Vegan cappuccinos, vegan coffee, plant-based milk
Premium coffee, Italian style coffee, espresso

I have spent over 10 years working in hospitality-related businesses in the UK, Italy and my home country, Chile.

What have I learnt? TONS of things. I’m so grateful!

And I have built my company on that experience and the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years.
Plus, of course, all the things that I keep learning every single day.

And… I’m adding my personal touch.

How about the cheese? Why is it?

Well, I know that many people don’t become vegan because they 'love cheese so much, I couldn’t live without it' (so, they say). 

Let’s offer them a great cruelty-free taste, then.

'But, I also love meat, actually'. And now, we also offer a wide range of the finest meat alternatives.

'Bacon, though?!'. Got cha! 3 brands in stock at the moment, all of them fantastic!

'How about the cream? And the hot chocolate? And the eggs?' Guys, we’ve got you covered.
Go vegan!

big coffee cup, Caffe Verri cup, vegan pizza, vegan pizza cake

This pic was taken for our second birthday.
Have you read our post about
Coffee & Cheese's Birthday?

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