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We know how hard it is to...

  • Source high-quality, 100% vegan products, all in one place
  • Find a wholesaler who is 100% vegan and understands your needs
  • Get consistent and time-effective supply
  • Offer your customers a unique selection of products not found in supermarkets or chains
  • Create a fully vegan menu that is also very tasty for non-vegans

This is why... WE EXIST!

Vegan Wholesaler

Who is Vegan Wholesaler, anyway?

We are the first and only 100% vegan wholesaler in the UK.

What does that mean?

Every single item in our portfolio is vegan, with no traces of dairy or eggs.
Wait… it gets even better…
Not only is our company fully vegan… We are vegan too!
360 degrees of veganism! 365 days a year!
Yep… everybody in this company is vegan… and not just for festivals and events… but all the time!
Well, we believe in what we’re doing!
Who is Vegan Wholesaler
Vegan Wholesaler
Vegan Wholesaler is all about ethics

Our Mission

We hand-pick every product we introduce into our portfolio, which makes us confident that non-vegans will like them too.
We are committed to show everyone that it is possible to enjoy great foods and drinks without need for cruelty.
This is our subtle way of activism, one meal at the time!
We are in this for a bigger cause, not only for the money.
Don’t get me wrong, we are a business and we have to pay our bills, just like everybody else.
Values and a bigger mission drive us.
We want to contribute to make the veganism grow.
We believe we can be respectful to animals, human beings and our planet alike.
We know that many people don’t become vegan because they 'love cheese so much, I couldn’t live without it' (so, they say).
Let’s offer them great cruelty-free cheese alternatives, made out of different ingredients with a wide range of flavour and texture profiles!
'But, I also love meat, actually'.
And now, we also offer a wide range of the finest meat alternatives: burgers, sausages, mince, nuggets, kebabs... You name it, we have it!
'Bacon, though?!'.
Gotcha! 5 brands in stock at the moment, all of them fantastic!
'How about the cream? And the hot chocolate? And the eggs?'
Guys, we’ve got you covered...
Go vegan!
'I’m a healthy vegan… no junk, please!'
No worries, we’ve got your back.
A new wave of healthy vegan products is coming to our catalogue, pretty soon!
But I’m allergic to…' (fill in the blank)
We’ve got a wide range of nut-free, soya-free and gluten-free products, and even more on the way!
Vegan Wholesaler

Our New Look

Like our logo? Maybe, it isn’t the best in the world, but it’s the thought that counts.
And in our logo, we've put a lot of thoughts.
Yes, there’s a deep meaning.
These are the key ideas:
Vegan Wholesaler
The HUG – See how the ‘W’ hugs the ‘V’? This is the symbol of collaboration and support.
We like to collaborate with colleagues, customers and suppliers. We work together to make veganism grow.
The BUBBLE – The circle represents our community of kind, loyal and respectful people. We’re happy to live in our own bubble, standing for our values than having to surrender to external pressure, wrong goals, non-sense race towards profit at all costs.
The COLOURS – We deeply care about the environment. There’s no better translation for this than the colour green itself. We have one planet and we should protect it.
Then, there’s the purest of all colours: white. For us, this colour symbolises ‘honesty’: one of the most important values in every relationship. We think that honesty is absolutely mandatory in business too!
The LEAF – The leaf is a bit of a cliché in the vegan world, isn’t it? Well, in general, for every company selling plant-based and natural products.
We wanted to keep this tradition. But we wanted our leaf to be different, kind of unique. Since we sell food, we wanted something that we actually eat.
That’s how our leaf became a leek!
And this is why we are so proud of our new look: It tells what we’re all about.
We have implemented lot of changes since the beginning, but we're still up and running with the same old passion.
Vegan Wholesaler

Back then...

Probably, you bumped into us in the past, when we were still in our baby steps. When we were under the name of Coffee & Cheese.
If so, you may be familiar with our old logo, featuring the only 2 things we used to sell at the time.
You know why cheese, but ‘why coffee?’ – you may be wondering...
Simply, because of Pedro!
Logo for Coffee & Cheese.
In a nutshell: I’m a vegan coffee guy.
I was happily working at a multinational coffee company, when…
I started questioning whether it was right to compromise my values for a promotion. Mmmhhh!!!

At the time, the next logical step forward in my career required me to sell a range of foods that contained dairy and eggs.
And… a great opportunity arose! What to do? Take it or not take it?
My values or my career? No brainer, right?
In fact, I quit!
(Pedro, founder)
We started out with only two brands and a bunch of products (8 to be precise).
Initially, we supplied catering businesses only. We then expanded to serve retailers, following our customers’ requests.
We expanded our portfolio to satisfy our customers’ needs and wishes, mainly focusing on great vegan products that are very hard to find, especially on a wholesale basis and with an efficient delivery service.
Vegan Wholesaler

Meet our Team



Founder & CEO (Chief Espresso Officer)
Makes sure that the business runs smoothly.
Pedro is the big brother of Vegan Wholesaler.
He’s always in the loop on what’s happening in the company, and does everything he can to genuinely care about our customers.
He’s constantly looking for the next quality vegan product to add to our portfolio.
When he’s not working, he spends most of his time playing or watching basketball.
He also enjoys going to the gym and improvising new recipes out of whatever's in the fridge.
He knows one thing or two about gourmet coffee.
“When I enjoy my espresso without sugar, I know that it’s good quality”
Danielle's profile picture.


Stock Control Executive
Looks after our purchase orders and supplier information.
Danielle (aka Danni) believes in doing this in a timely manner, so that customers may order without limitations (where possible!), and may make informed decisions when doing so (especially with regards to allergen information and nutritional values).
Danni is passionate about cooking and baking; it's a real bonus that her role allows her to go 'behind the scenes' with such fantastic suppliers. She loves to provide for others and show them that there's no need to use animal products to produce delicious food!
After many veggie years (and a moderate cheese addiction!), Danielle finally got the boost she needed to go vegan after doing Veganuary:
"I followed various new accounts on social media (mostly to expand my recipe repertoire!) and the posts I saw regarding the treatment of animals, and the environmental impact, just couldn't be ignored anymore."

Fancy making an impact with us?

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