The 7 wonders of Coffee & Cheese @ the Veg Fest London

The seven wonders of Coffee & Cheese at the London Veg Fest 2017

As you may have heard, we are going to the VegFest London 2017.

We are ???????????????? (Translation: We are THRILLED!)

Do you know what it means? It means a lot of things…

… Lots of things to prepare…

… And a lot of surprises for you as well!

So, without further ado,

let’s take a look at the 7 wanders of Coffee & Cheese @VegFest London 2017.


Coffee & Cheese promo at the Veg Fest London

 1. Free drink with a cup 

 with a C&C reusable cup 

If you buy one Coffee & Cheese cup (see n 2 below), you get a FREE DRINK.

 Anything of your choice: cappuccino, coffee, tea, matcha, chocolate, chai.

???? Find out more about our Cup Offer.

???? Check out our special offers at the London Veg Fest 2017

Coffee & Cheese reusable cup

 2. C&C cup 

 Reusable, eco-friendly 

We are launching the Coffee & Cheese  reusable cup.

We love it!

It's colourful, handy and eco-friendly.

Yes, if you get it we will fill it up with a free hot drink of your choice. 

???? Find out more about ouCup Offer.

Coffee & Cheese is running a photo contest at the Veg Fest London 2017

 3. Photo Contest 

 Prize: Vegan Products

Take a picture at our stall (DE1), with one of your favourite products

and post it on our Facebook wall.
Prize: a selection of our products.

No need to buy anything.

???? Know more about the Photo Contest.

 4. Barista Talk

 Fri 20 Oct, @ 11 am

Pedro is giving a talk, at the Trade show.

Title: Can a vegan hot drink be better than a dairy one? 7 steps to make it happen!

Sounds Intriguing?

You’re welcome to join us on Friday 20 Oct, at 11 am.

???? Find out more about Pedro's Talk.

Special promo for the London Veg Fest 2017

 5. Free Drink to Customers 

 to all our customers 

Are you a Coffee & Cheese customer?

If so, your drink at the Veg Fest is on us!

???? Find out more about our special offers at the VegFest London 2017.

Free drink if you buy £20 +

 6. Free Drink for buying £20+ 

 if you buy £20 or more of products 

Yes, another chance for you to get a free drink.


Buy £20 or more worth of products (everything included: vegan cheese, meat alternative, egg replacers, creams, syrups, tea, hot chocolate, marshmallows, chai, matcha etc.)

???? Check out our special offers at the VegFest London 2017.

Coffee and Cheese earrings for the first time at the Veg Fest London 2017

 7. C&C Earrings 

 Coffee & Cheese going stylish 

We are not selling them …


We are so proud of our earrings (well, let’s say, some of us are!) that they deserve to be included in this list.

You haven’t seen them yet? Then, check them out!

So, there you have them.

A lot of things to look forward to.

Are you coming?

C’mon! Come and say hi to
stall DE1!

That’s:    DE1, as in ‘1 Double Espresso’.

And, yes indeed, you can have that too (I mean, you can have a double espresso)!

Who knows? Maybe, you can get yours for free! ????

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