Epos Caffè Ground Coffee • Perú Decaf 200g


  • Well-balanced Peruvian decaf coffee blend
  • 100% Arabica – <0.1% caffeine content
  • Good acidity with cocoa flavour and full body
  • Strict selection process
  • Each origin roasted separately to unlock the best out of them
  • Roasted by master coffee artisans in small batches in Sicily, Italy
  • Certified Organic & Fairtrade®

BBE Date: 08/05/2021

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Epos Organic Fairtrade® 100% Arabica Peruvian Decaf coffee comes from the Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera Bagua Grande located in the Amazon region, in northeastern Perú.

The mountainous Peruvian Amazon region is composed mainly of rain forests (75%), which allows the coffee to grow and flourish under the shadows of the large trees of the forest.

This certified Organic & Fairtrade® coffee, is made of 80% Typica variety and 20% Caturra variety growing at 1500 meters altitude.

After the production and harvest, the cooperative makes a strict quality control in a laboratory with specialised personnel, in order to guarantee the best quality of coffee, which is subsequently decaffeinated using the CO2 method.

The result in cup is a fragrant coffee, with hints of vanilla and hazelnut.

Blend Composition

  • 80% Arabica Perú Typica*
  • 20% Arabica Perú Caturra*

* Certified Organic & Fairtrade®

Origin Technical Specifications

Robusta – Indonesia Flores Polished

  • Growing area: Moyobamba
  • Soil: Volcanic
  • Harvest: April to June
  • Altitude: From 1000m to 1500m above sea level
  • Selection: By hand
  • Working Process: Washed
  • Grade (Size): 17-18
  • Decaffeination: CO2 Method
  • Colour: Brown
  • Moisture: Max. 11%
  • Caffeine content: Max. 0.01%

Organoleptic Profile

About Epos Caffè

Epos Caffè is a young Italian company founded in 2011, that decided to enter the coffee industry to make a difference through choosing excellence, respect for culture and renewing the tradition while also paying attention to the fairness toward coffee producers across the world.

Epos’s mission is to offer the highest quality thanks to the professionalism, passion and wisdom of people who deeply love their work and to the care we devote to each stage of production, so that the demanding British coffee consumers and connoisseurs can re-discover forgotten flavors and traditions.

The careful selection of green coffee, the separate roasting by individual types and origins, the meticulous preparation of the blends, the grind and finally the correct packaging, give to our coffee an unmistakable and consistent aroma.

Ethics behind Epos Caffè

At the heart of our focus ​​is to source only from those who pay particular attention to the economic, social and ecological sustainability of coffee, in compliance with the conditions of cultivation, since only through such conditions a good coffee can be crafted: good for producers, good for businesses and good for consumers.

Consistent Quality

Epos’s blends and Single Origin coffees are composed of certified washed coffee, that is always guaranteed from the same origins.

This allows us to guarantee a consistently excellent quality product, distinguished by a truly unique identity that is manifested through their taste, aroma, mouthfeel and aftertaste.

Meaning of Epos

Epos is a lengthy narrative poem, ordinarily concerning a serious subject containing details of heroic deeds and events significant to a culture or nation.

The reason why Epos decided to take this name was because it wanted to use Ancient Greek heroic deeds to identify some of their blends. Sicily being known as The Italian Greece it only made sense to use this set of analogies.


Organic: Certified organic by the European Union with ID No ITBIO008-791Y.

Fairtrade®: Certified Fairtrade® by Fairtrade Italy with ID No FLO-ID 35553.

Organic & Fairtrade® Range

Epos’s Organic & Fairtrade® range consists of an amazing Italian blend called Natura, 4 single origin coffees (Colombia, Honduras SHG, Sumatra Mandheling, Peru SHB), as well as a Peruvian CO2 Decaffeinated.

The blend is perfect to use as your main coffee, and the single origins are perfect to be used as special coffees, that your curious customers can enjoy by having single origins isolated, so they can understand the blend’s identity in depth.

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