Coffee & Cheese treats: Special offers @ Veg Fest London 2017

If we decide to do it, we do it right.

No exception.

So, if you come to our stall (DE1, next to Cookery Demos ????),    
you are in for a treat:

A FREE hot drink of your choice.

You can choose anything among our range of hot drinks.

Some examples?
You can get a cappuccino, a latte, an espresso, an americano, a macchiato, a cup of tea (many flavours available), matcha, chai, hot chocolate.

Free drink: Special offer for the Veg Fest UK London 2017

#FreeDrink at the #LondonVegFest2017 ? Come to stall DE1 (next to Cookery Demos) ????

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All these drinks are 100% vegan and 100% delicious!

With this special offer, you can get your drink 100% free, if you:

  1. buy our C&C reusable cup

  2. buy at least £20 of our products

  3. are one of our customers

Offers 1 and 2 are cannot be combined.

Offer 3 can be combined with either 1. or 2.

Get a super cool #reusableCup, filled in with FREE HOT DRINK ☕ @ #VegFestLondon2017  
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Basically, to get your free drink you can either buy our Coffee & Cheese reusable cup or £20+ of our products.

If you are a Coffee & Cheese customer, you can have an additional free drink…

Yes, just because you’re part of the family.

Like to get some #veganDelights @ #VegFestLondon2017 ? #FREEhotDrink if you spend £20+ ???? DE1 

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Does it make sense?

‘Yep’ --> Good.

‘No’ --> Come to DE1 and we’ll explain it better.

In case you wonder where our stall is, look for DE1 in the Veg Fest floor plan. (Next to Cookery Demos).
Or watch this video: DE1 - Where is it? What does it mean?

Enjoy your drink!

It’s on us. ????


Ps. Besides the free drink you also have an opportunity to win a selection of our products. How? By participating in our photo contest. Check it out!

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