Coffee & Cheese REUSABLE CUP, filled up with a FREE hot drink

TA DA!!!

Meet the Coffee & Cheese reusable cup!

We love it! ???? Hope you like it too!

We will be introducing our brand-new reusable Coffee & Cheese cups at the London Veg Fest 2017.

So, we’ve been working on it for a while. We were unsure about the colours.

In this video, we’ll show you the two options that we were considering.

Finally, I think we found the almost perfect cup for us.

The colours match the Coffee & Cheese colours: blue cup, white band, yellow lid and brown plug.

Do you like the final result?

Reusable coffee cup
Coffee & Cheese reusable cup and free drin at the VegFest London 2017

SPECIAL OFFER for the Veg Fest UK London 2017

We are so excited about our Coffee & Cheese cups that we have decided to have a special offer:

 if you buy one cup, you get a FREE DRINK.

 Anything of your choice: cappuccino, coffee, tea, matcha, chocolate, chai.

Wait, it gets better…

You can use the cup as many times as you want, because the Coffee & Cheese cup is reusable.

Super stylish, handy and eco friendly. Wow!

You can also get an additional free drink on top of that, if you are one of our customers.

And...There are even more surprises waiting for you.

In the meantime…Cheers! ????

* Kinda off topic: Can you make a toast with hot drinks? I suppose…

 Well, at stall DE1 you can.

Special offer at the London Veg Fest, with a reusable cup

Get a #freeDrink with your #reusableCoffeeCup at the #VegFestLondon2017

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