Pizza Hut is giving a shot at vegan pizzas. What’s gonna happen with the trial period?

Recently, we have been working on spreading veganism even further.

We are happy to announce that:

Pizza Hut agreed to use vegan cheese on their pizza. Yay! ????

This means that you don't have to settle for a salad, when going out with your non-vegan friends. 

Not that we don't like salads (we love them!). But those nights out with friends are strictly 'pizza nights'...You know what we mean!?

This also means that people are becoming more aware of veganism.

A massive success, right?

Hold on! Not too fast!

Credit: Ewan Munro (flickr)  CC BY-SA 2.0 

Pizza Hut trying vegan cheese. Fancy a pizza?
2 Oct-26 Nov 2017. Canterbury, Crawley, Thanet, Bluewater, Chatham.

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Pizza Hut hasn’t embraced the vegan lifestyle… JUST YET!

For now, they decided to give it try!

They will be trying the Violife vegan cheese for about 8 weeks:

From Monday 2nd October, until Sunday 26th November 2017.

This is where you come in, guys.

Would you like to contribute to make them take a final decision?


Just visit Pizza Hut during this period and ask for your vegan pizza.

But… wait…not any Pizza Hut branch…

Only Pizza Hut Restaurants, for now – not takeaways. 

Only the branches listed below.

                         These are the branches that will be starting the trial period:

If you happen to be in the area, between 2 Oct and 26 Nov 2017, and would like to give us a hand, go to Pizza Hut and ask for your vegan pizza.

Consider doing it, if:

  • you want to contribute to the expansion of veganism
  • you are in the area
  • you fancy a vegan pizza (you need to enjoy it, right?)
  • you like to give us a hand

  • Here’s the thing:

    We are all together in this.

    We can change things, if we work together, as a community.

    There’s no one man show in big changes.

    We believe in what we’re doing and are working hard for it.


    …We couldn’t be doing it without you.

    So, if you’re up to it:


    IMPORTANT: “Is the base vegan?”- We asked. We’ve been assured the standard base is. However, please note that the gluten-free base IS NOT VEGAN, as it contains eggs.

    Mon 2 Oct- Sun 26 Nov 2017

                                        Pizza Hut Restaurants involved in vegan cheese trial period:

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