Photo Contest @ the Veg Fest London 2017

At this point, you all know that we are going to the Veg Fest.

You may also be aware of our promos and where we’re going to be (stall DE1, in case you missed it).

BUT… You haven’t heard about this, yet…because…

We decided to save it for last.

So, here it is:

We are going to run a photo contest.

Coffee & Cheese Photo Contest at the Veg Fest London 2017

Coffee & Cheese are having a #FbPhotoContest @ the #VegFestLondon2017. Prize: Selection of #VeganProducts! 

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When? ???? During the show (20-22 October 2017)
                     We will randomly pick a winner, at the end of the show (precisely, Wednesday the 25th October)

What is it about? ???? If you come to the show, stop by our stall (DE1). Take a pic with one of your favourite products. Post it on our Fb wall, during the 3 days of the show. Then, just wait to see if you are selected.

How can I enter? ???? To enter, just like our Facebook page and submit your pic.

Yes, that’s it!  No need to buy anything! ????

And, I bet you're wondering:

What’s the prize? ???? The winner will receive a selection of products including: Violife Mediterranean (vegan Halloumi), Meetlyke Vegan bacon, Veggyness Vegan Schnitzel, Terra Vegane Omelett, Schlagfix Whipping Cream, Zuma Original Hot Chocolate Shaker, Kookie Cat biscuit, Roobar energetic ball, Simply Chai Spicy Powder.

Do you get the picture? If not, there it is:

Selection of vegan products : Prize for the Photo contest the the Veg Fest London

Win a selection of #VeganProducts just by taking a picture @ #VegFestLondon, stall DE1 and post it on our Fb wall!

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Yep, you get the chance to win all this, just for taking a picture.

Sounds good? Then, you’re welcome to participate.

What if you do not want to appear in the photo but still want to participate? Just take a picture of your favourite product, then.

Want more details? Check out the contest terms.

Here a quick recap of what the contest is about:

    C&C Fb Photo Contest

???? At the Veg Fest London (20-22 October 2017)
???? Take a picture @ our stall (DE1), with your fav product
????  Like our Facebook
????  Post your pic on our Fb wall

       (during the 3 days of the show)
????  Win a selection of vegan products

Now ... ready?

A big smile, for the camera.

Say: Cheeeeeeeeese!

Or better: Vegan Cheeeeeeeeese!

Or even better: Coffee & Cheeeeeeeeese! ???? ????

???? Come to DE1 @ the Veg Fest London ????Next Weekend ???? DE1 (Next to Cookery Demos)

???? DE1 as in: - Double Espresso 1, - Do Enjoy 1, - DEutschland 1, Delta Echo 1.

Check out ​where we are going to be

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