Let’s do it with style! • Behind the Scenes #1- VegFest London 2017

Hi guys!

Have you heard? à We are going to the VegFest London 2017! Yay!

Almost a month to go … and a gazillion of things to do!

The workload is inhuman, the pressure is high …

Plus…Pedro injured didn’t help! (Don’t worry, he’s kinda fine. I think he’ll survive! ????)

I know, it’s far from ideal but with a few laughs, dedication we will be all right!

We have decided to keep track of our progress and let you be part of it. It’ll be fun!

We decided to share our work with you guys, because, let’s face it, preparing for the show is hard but it’s also so exciting!

Join us to our journey towards the VegFest London in this series called: Behind the scenes @VegFest London 2017.

In this first episode, we’re going to show you the stylish touch that we’re going to bring to the event.

Note: except for the intro, everything is sketchy, scrappy, unpolished, spontaneous.
Well…there’s some kind of editing…After all, we like to be presentable!

Shall we go to see the Coffee & Cheese style @ VegFest London? Are the earrings really cheesy?

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This video is all about fashion, style…bringing a coffey and cheesy (but not cheesy) flavour to the show.

This is what our uniform will look like at the London VegFest 2017:

  • Yellow t-shirts
  • Blue aprons
  • Coffee & Cheese earrings

We were looking for some nice t-shirts for our ladies, including our rock star baristas.

We like the Coffee & Cheese t-shirts that we currently have, but we would like to find something else for the show.  

The ones that we currently have are blue with our logo embroidered.

We wanted something stylish, simple and comfortable.

I think we found what we were looking for!

The super nice yellow t-shirts match the blue aprons perfectly.

And, what to say about the earrings?

I think I said enough in the video…

  • So… this is it.
  • I hope you liked our first episode of Behind the scenes @VegFest London 2017.
  • Let us know what you think.
  • If you like it, check out our next episode, where we’ll find out why we’ve been given stall DE1.

Cheers! ????

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