Happy Birthday to Coffee & Cheese! Profound thoughts and gratitude on a special day


Never seen a pizza cake?

Well, this is our way of celebrating.

We are so excited!

It’s our birthday, today! Yeah!!!

Coffee & Cheese is turning 2 years old!

What a better occasion to start our blog?!

So, here we are… posting our very first post. Hurray!  ????

As for every birthday, along with the cake, the laughs and the company of nice people… many thoughts come to our mind.

We can’t help but go back at when we were just starting out.

It seems ages ago, but it’s just 2 years ago. How our perception of time changes, depending on what we think. Isn’t it amazing?!

We have grown tremendously and we keep growing fast and consistently every single day.

We have done a fantastic job! – Please, allow us a moment of glory: It’s our birthday! ????

We won’t be wasting your time throwing at you amazing words about us and how good we are, and so on and so forth (you know that kind of thing?).

We are fully aware that it isn’t all about us. It’s about the amazing people we have met along the way.
We take this occasion to THANK YOU all so very much, guys! ???????? 

We are so proud to have an amazing vegan community that keeps growing and changing the world, little by little.

Every day, people like you and us, with big dreams and beliefs are working hard to shake things. We need to keep doing it… no matter what.

We know what it is to stay in business: It brings a lot of satisfaction and excitement.
But… at times, it is very hard.

We know that some vegan businesses struggle. Guess what? In every business, there’s struggles. Even, life in general is full of struggles.

Are we giving up, for that? Heck NO! We push… harder and harder.

Struggles and challenges are what make us stronger. ????

Today, we are extremely proud at where we are at… because we appreciate the struggles we’ve had, because we’ve made mistakes and we’ve learnt from them.

Sometimes, people fail to realise that success is not going forward in a clear path, with no obstacles. Success is walking through obstacles, and overcome them.

Success comes as a reward to those who don’t give up.

I know, we are getting profound here. It’s the birthday mood – I guess.

A cup of premium Italian Coffee Beans + Violife After Dinner to celebrate our birhday

I love this picture. The only thing is that you can't see how big the Caffè Verri cup is. 
At least, you can see one of this year new entries: the Cranberry After Dinner by Violife.

We are sharing this because we want to inspire other vegan businesses that are facing challenges and are even thinking about giving up. Please, don’t! Give yourself another chance!

You know…We were about to close ourselves. About a year ago. We were about to give up.

Giving away all the stock that we had bought with our personal savings…

And with it… our work and our beliefs.

We know what it takes.

When you come back home with nothing, after a full day going door to door in search of people interested in your products.

Then, you realise that, you aren’t just offering a product: you are offering a way of seeing the world in a different way.

I was offering vegan products to non-vegan businesses.

I wanted veganism to grow… I wanted to make them aware of the need for a change.

Nowadays, when we have people approaching us, I still remember those days.

We are proud of what our hard work is giving us back.

Because this is what it’s all about: hard work, consistency, belief.

And yes, of course, a bit of luck… as well.

Let’s face it… you need to find the right people, when you knock to strangers’ doors.

To all then ‘strangers’ that opened their door to us: THANK YOU! ????

We can celebrate our birthday today, because of you!

Oops! A little drop! Tears?!

I’m getting too emotional here.

Bit embarrassing… We have those clichés of grown ups…you know!?

Let’s  tune in to something else…

During my walk on memory lane, I found an old picture that made me laugh. ????

Picture in my About page

To be honest, I’ve changed the picture only recently.

This picture, on the right, was the one that kept my ‘about’ page going for almost 2 years.

Could you believe it? ????

That’s me, with the 2 brands we started out with. 

They were the only 2 brands we sold for about a year (with an underwhelming portfolio of 8 products, in total).
We still sell them today (
Caffe Verri and Violife). They're proven to be two of the strongest ones. It looks like we made a good bet! ????

What happened to my smile?

I took it very seriously since the beginning.

I was a bit nervous that I couldn’t even smile that day.

The official photo, for my website…you know!? Serious stuff!

Pedro showing Italian coffee and Vegan cheese

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