Where are we going to be? – VegFestLondon 2017 (Info + laughs) – What’s DE1?

As you know, we’re going to be at the Veg Fest London 2017 .

Where exactly? ???? stall DE1. 

Where about?

Next to:

  • Cookery Demos
  • Stallholders Office
  • Volunteers Office
  • Info desk

You can also check the Veg Fest UK London floor plan . See the arrow showing the Lost kids/info? Around that area… It’s actually on the left hand side of the orange square (that is ‘Cookery Demos’)

Now, we were trying to find some ways for you to remember our stall number.

This is what we came up with:

  • DE1 as in ‘Deutschland 1’ (Germany 1)
  • DE1 as in ‘Do Enjoy 1’
  • DE1 as in ‘Delta Echo 1’
  • DE1 as in ‘Double Espresso 1’

Let's have a #VeganHotDrink @ DE1 (as in Double Espresso 1) #VegfestUKLondon2017 . Shall we?

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When Pedro came up with ‘Double Espresso 1’, I said: “That’s it! That’s us! That’s what we’re looking for.

Coincidence? Destiny? Luck?

Whatever the case might me, we’ll stick with it.

It’s perfect for us!

Not only for our company name (Coffee & Cheese), but also because we’ll be serving coffee at the London Veg Fest.

So, we’re very grateful for having the stall n. DE1.

It seems that the stars aligned…;)


???? Come and have a chat to Double Espresso 1 ! 

 Ps. Wanna a FREE DRINK?  Or win a selection of delicious vegan delights?

Shall we get a cappuccino/hot chocolate/tea? (or any other #HotDrink) @ DE1 - as in Double Espresso 1 - #VegfestLondon2017

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