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Bringing ETHICS to the Wholesale Industry

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Vegan Wholesaler

Bringing ETHICS to the Wholesale Industry

Here at Vegan Wholesaler, every option is vegan!

Only top-notch, 100% vegan products (no traces of dairy or eggs here!) 
Fully committed to help businesses cater for vegans.
We select ONLY the highest quality foods and drinks.
We are vegans so WE actually TASTE them ourselves,
before they make it into our portfolio.
We understand what our community likes and appreciates, therefore you can trust us.

What We Do

Select Products We Love

And ensure you'll love them too!
We don't settle for 'okay' products, we make sure they're nothing less than 'wow'.
100% Vegan is a must, therefore we don't even assess products that may contain dairy, eggs, fish, molluscs and/or crustaceans.
Organic is very close to our hearts, therefore we prioritise them whenever possible. Also, we always ensure to have plenty of options for those who have food allergies.

Control Stock Levels

By using our cutting-edge inventory software, which monitors stock levels and best before dates, which we display live on our website. These crucial bits of information give you all the information you need to place your order with confidence.
Our Buying Team use this great software to achieve the correct balance between having plenty of stock available while still ensuring that the remaining shelf life is long enough for you.

Look After You

We believe in collaborations and relationships rather than just transactions and numbers.
We know you're special, this is why with us, you have a name rather than a 'customer number'.
There's always someone you can reach if you need help with understanding the way we work, support with using our online store or advice with choosing the right products.
Our Team is always ready to engage and are genuinely happy to see you happy!

Our Values








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Ready to make an impact with us?

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